Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Open House At Uteh's House

BTW, I will be using English from now on as some of my friends here can't understand Malay.

These are the pictures taken during Open-House at my friend's brother, known as Uteh. His house is at Calne and he & his wife are respectful doctors.
The Right: Dr Afdzal Reza Maridzuan
The left: Dr Elyna Turis

In front of Uteh's house at Calne

Uteh's first daughter: Nina

Kak Elyna is a good cook! All this are homemade!

Nice homemade foods to be enjoyed

Me & Nina

Kak Elyna with Nina (right) & her relative.

Me & Mr Bob. He was a friend of my lecturers in MIAT when they were still working in Air Force.

Uteh's relative

Nina & the babysitter, Emily

Some of the guests

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D'lla said...

i like to c u with that kids..